Tree of Lights

Tree of Lights

Sponsored by the Associated Auxiliaries

On a cold morning in December 1991, The Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital welcomed guests to the first Tree of Lights Ceremony. That event was held outside with a live tree but in a few years would move indoors where it continues to this day, as the traditional event to kick off the holiday season at Riddle Hospital.

Now the tree is artificial and towers more than 25 feet, decorated with colorful lights, all symbolizing gifts to the hospital honoring a friend, family member, physician, nurse and more.  The first chair of the event in 1991 was Alycia Mallon-Buhle who is still involved with the auxiliaries, serving in many roles as a dedicated officer, volunteer and benefactor.

“I grew up with Riddle Hospital being a focus for our family, as my mother, Mary Mallon, was deeply involved in raising awareness and money for the new hospital back in the 60’s. The special way to remember our loved ones and others with the Tree of Lights makes the event both fun and heartwarming for everyone who supports the ceremony and for those in attendance” said Mallon-Buhle.

Since 1991 the Tree of Lights Ceremony has raised over $200,000 for the hospital and we are all so proud of this event.

The event will be held in the lobby of Health Center 3, on Monday, December 3, 2018 in Healthcare 3 lobby at 11:30am.